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Accurate Method of Tattoo Removal
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Not everyone is a candidate for tattoo removal -- however if the tattooing process was carried out without any complications you are generally able to have a removal procedure. However, one should keep in mind the possible after-effects.

If you are prone to keloids, hyper or hypo pigmentation or do not react well to burns or excessive scarring due to minor cuts and abrasions, the Surgical Methods and laser may result in more noticeable post-treatment scars.

In Dermabrasion, the abrasive medium literally rubs off the top layers of skin to reveal younger-looking, fresh skin beneath. If you scar badly from abrasions, or scrapes, the results of dermabrasion could be disastrous. Also, if you are prone to hyper pigmentation then dermabrasion is not recommended.

Lasers literally burn the skin so if you scar badly from burns, this could also be a problem. Other methods may also scar you and leave only a thick scar in the place of where your tattoo was, literally defeating the purpose of going ahead for removals.

The Fade Away Method is the only method that does not scar, cause a permanent change in pigment, or cut into the skin. With this method, you do not have to worry about post-treatment infection or irreversible damage to your skin. Only patience is needed.

In addition, to these methods, you should NOT have a removal treatment on the affected area if you have:

Undiagnosed lesions
Active, weeping acne
Active Rosacea
Unstable diabetes
Auto-immune system disorders
Pigmentation problems
Are pregnant

You must be mentally and emotionally stable to undergo a cosmetic procedure, since it requires patience and stability in dealing with the healing period. There is sometimes a lull or depression after long periods of treatment or surgical operations and if there is already a pre-existing emotional problem, this low period can develop into a more serious issue. It is thus advised to consider this before committing to a procedure.

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