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Aftercare in Body Piercing
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A few tips as given below are useful to heal the pierced part of the body and thye are also good aftercare methods. They are:

Clean the piercing area with an antibacterial soap. Gently remove all crusty formations from the piercing and jewellery. Rinse off the soap, making sure that all the soap and crust formations are gone. You can also remove crystal formation by making a salt water liquid (solution of one quarter teaspoon sea salt and eight ounces distilled water).

Be sure to leave the starter jewellery in during the entire minimum initial healing time. Check tightness of balls on threaded jewellery twice daily with clean hands. For tongue piercing check threaded ends on the jewellery twice daily with clean hands to make sure the ends are tight. Eat slowly and take small bites of food at first, when you are getting used to the new jewellery.

Always wear clean clothing and change bed-sheets every week during healing. If the piercing is an ear piercing, clean your telephone and sun or eyeglasses.

For tongue or lip piercing, choose an antibacterial mouthwash that does not contain alcohol and rinse your mouth every time you eat. If you notice bad breathe and an off-coloured tongue the mouth wash may have killed the mouth`s own bacteria. If this happens switch to salt water rinses instead of mouthwash.

Revisit the piercer for an evaluation at any time, if needed.

Take the sufficient supplement tablets Iron, Zinc.

However, the folowing activities should not be practised, since they are an hindrance to the healing process. They are:

Contact between the new piercing and another person`s skin.

For ear and cartilage piercing, avoid make-up and powders around your face and neck during the healing process since this can cause infection. Cover the pierced part with a tissue when using hair spray.

For navel piercing don`t wear tight clothes coz that will not give you proper air circulation that is very important for healing. Don`t sleep on your stomach. · If you swim then be careful where you swim. Avoid public pools and hot tubs until the piercing has healed.

For tongue piercing avoid all oral sexual contact including French (wet) kissing during the entire healing period, even if you are in a monogamous relationship. Avoid chewing on gum, tobacco, fingernails, pencils and sunglasses while healing. Reduce or quit smoking when healing (smoking increases risks and can prolong the healing process).

Don`t use Band-Aids on a piercing as they can limit air circulation.

Touching the piercing, unless cleaning it, in which case only with washed hands.

Smoking and drinking alcohol (in the case of oral piercings).

Contact between the piercing and bodily fluids, perfume or cosmetics.

Swimming in public swimming pools, lakes, rivers, streams and oceans as they may be too harsh to promote skin cell healing. Chlorine in swimming pool water may be an irritant. Bacteria, protozoa and parasites found in non-chlorinated water can lead to infections.

If there is an infection present, do not remove jewellery. If the jewellery is removed, the holes can close up and an abscess can form. Avoid stress and all forms of recreational drug use.

Avoid aspirin, large amounts of caffeine, spicy, salty, acidic or hot temperature foods and alcoholic beverage for the first several days to prevent bleeding, swelling and discomfort.

Do not play with the piercing during the entire healing time except for necessary functions (eating and speaking). Stress on the piercing during the healing process can cause scarring, migration and other complications. Even after healing, excessive play with oral jewellery can result in permanent damage to teeth, gums and oral structures.

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