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Learning Mehndi
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One can use pre-made henna paste, which is available in the market, but you can also try making your own home made henna paste. It will be fun and also teach you how to buy the right cone and of what consistency it should be. It will also be nice way to experiment with henna and come up with your own recipe!

This what you will require to make the basic henna paste you can add ingredients of your choice as you go along to experiment with paste.

A bag of Fresh Henna or dry henna leaves (must be FRESH)
A sieve or Muslin bag
Eucalyptus or Clove Oil (check for ALLERGIES) - 5 drops
Fresh Black Indian Tea Leaves or bags - 2 packets
Fresh Lemon - 2tbs
Water -1.1/2 cup
Ceramic or Glass Bowl
Mixing Spoon
Plastic Bowl with Lid

Sift the dry henna leaves together so the powder obtained amounts to about 1-1.1/4 cup.

Heat water in pan and add fresh tea, boil and leave to infuse for 4 hours. Add clove or eucalyptus oil and mix well, then leave to infuse for 4 hours.

Leave tea overnight then the next day heat up the mixture & add to a bowl, into which fresh henna or sifted dry henna leaves have been added with a small well in the middle.

Mix in tea well and keep adding more tea until you have a paste that is quite thick. Add to this your lemon juice and mix until you have a paste resembling toothpaste (this is the correct consistency to work with).

You should then make a cone and add your henna to this after it has been left overnight in the refrigerator.

Your henna is now ready to use & will store for about 2 days.

After this it is past its best & needs to be binned. Old henna will not produce the results you require.

You can keep the henna in the freezer for up to 6 months but fresh henna is best. To make a Henna Cone - You can use many ways of applying your henna but most People start with a simple cone (like used for icing cakes).

If you need to just make a little bit to experiment with or try then you can half the quantities of the ingredients.

Make your own Cone.

To make your own cone, you will need:

Cellotape & Scissors
Small plastic freezer bag - these make two cones
Making Cone
Cut out a rectangle from the plastic. With your left hand hold the sheet with your thumb and index finger halfway down from the top on the left-hand side.

With your right hand take the bottom left-hand corner of the sheet and fold up into a line that aligns with your thumb & index finger, making a triangle. Making Mehndi

With your right hand, twist that corner into a cone shape (twist until the bottom tip of the cone has no hole) - This takes practice so you may need to try this a few times before you get a good cone to work with.

Cellotape the sides down when you are happy with the shape and make sure you have enough tape at the top where the henna will come out so it will not spill out when you squeeze it.

Spoon a small amount of your Henna into the bag and fold down the end twice to stop it spilling out of the bottom. Tape over the end to secure it. Using sharp scissors cut a little off the pointed end of your cone, making it as tiny or large as required.

When using the cone, hold it upright and squeeze gently making fine lines with the cone. Making these takes practice so persevere. If you find them too difficult then you may want to consider alternative methods i.e. Bottles.
Making Mehndi
Various Colours

Henna produces a reddish-orange, reddish-maroon on its own but if you wish to achieve more colour then you experiments by adding products to the paste to achieve different colors. Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Purple and Turquoise, these colors can be achieved by adding Colour Pigments, Super Gum, Sodium Sulfate, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, Methylperaben, Citric Acid, Benzoic Conchloride. But oil must be avoided in it and you should let the mehndi dry. Once it has dried you have a new tattoo which you have achieved without enduring pain. Such vibrant colors and designs can be experimented with every few weeks. So now you can enjoy your mehndi experience, like an artist or as a user of henna!
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