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Nail ArtFashion is always evolving and the latest happening thing is nail art. India`s latest fashion stopover- it is not enough to have just well manicured hands! Beautiful nails enhance the beauty of hands. Getting nails stenciled; painted, even pierced has become a rage in the various metros. Gone are the days of painting your nails with only one colour This art allows you to express your creativity and personality and will help signify your individual style like never before. A large number of parlours, specializing in nail art and expensive salons offering wacky fingernail designs have sprouted up all over in recent years and have started to cash in on this latest craze to meet the growing demand of creating art on the nails.

Nail Art Nail painting, as a form of physical adornment, has come a long way since the old ages. Today, it has evolved into a highly popular and respected field of cosmetology. In the new century, unlike earlier accepted prototypes of flat and solid colours, nail art lovers search for different brands and colours to decorate their nails. Innovative, and imaginative, this tradition has run the gamut of a wide spectrum of colours, textures and designs, and in certain circles is considered as an elaborate art form.

There are endless paint effects that you can achieve as well as many decorative gems, foils and tapes to assist you in your creativity. These can turn your nails into a small canvas, on which you can create great pieces of artistic work. This can be achieved by freehand painting or by using an artist`s airbrush. Nail piercing is also considered a type of nail art, which works best on artificial nails. This is achieved by attaching rings to tiny holes, drilled into the nail, which are attached to chains that are worn around the wrist. They also come with chain links to a ring that is worn on the same finger.

These nail experts are also known as `designers` are cropping up at happening salons all over the country to create art on your nails. And catering to the demands of fashion conscious women is first ever Mumbai`s `Nail Bar`, a bar with difference. The bar opened in suburban Bandra caters to different nail care problems and hand and feet are a given a new look. The crowd that descended at Nail Bar is a testimony to the growing popularity of nail designing.

Nail Art From young girls to working women to housewives, who dream of being pampered, come here in search of different brands and colours to decorate their nails. The parlour artistically paints the nails turning them into a mini canvas, decoratively arranging gems and foils and by piercing them with rings and chains. The cost of a nail job can range from a few hundred rupees for a single glittered dot glued to one pinky nail to a few thousand rupees for a set of five-cms "sculptured" nails attached to each finger. The throngs that descended at the `Nail Bar` are a testimony of the growing popularity of nail designing and the bar.

Nail art or creative-painting designs on nails is a rage in the West and now India too seems not to be far behind where earlier only face, hair and body were taken utmost care of. So with this Nail art, let your nails highlight your hands, fire up your fingers that point to the real you.

Accessories for the Nails:

Nail Stripes:

Nail stripes of various shapes, designs can be bought and used while decorating your nails. You should peel off desired stripe carefully and try using tweezers for clean effect. Starting at the cuticle, you should gently lay stripe across nail in desired position. Then, trim off the excess. Lastly, gently apply pressure with fingertip to secure it in place.

Gold & silver nail Charms:

Gold and silver charms are also a very good nail art accessory which gives a very good nail design and is easy to use. Choose the desired charm and peel off paper backing. Place it on nail in the preferred location. Gently press down with fingertip to secure.

The Cloth Effect:

Give your nails two coats of paint and then while they are still slightly wet, press a patterned (lint free) piece of cloth or chamois leather lightly on them. As the cloth is lifted, it leaves a pattern similar to the texture of the cloth on the nails.

Assorted stars & Dots:

Nail Art You can either use stars and dots to paint your nail or use nail polish with stars and glitter floating in them. For nail art with assorted stars and dots, pour out a small amount of stars or dots onto a paper plate. Moisten end of manicure stick. Pick up individually by touching moistened end of stick to star or dot. Place on nail in desired location, pressing gently to secure. If the star or dot is not securing to nail, you can apply a small amount of Nail Art Sealer to nail first.

Nail Stickers:

Nail stickers also give the desired effect and you can choose various designs. Remove selected sticker from sheet using tweezers. Place onto nail in desired location. Gently apply pressure with finger to secure.

Your Own Design:

Instead of using ready-made designs, you can let your imagination go wild and have your own nail art design. Paint a base colour of any shade you like and let your nails dry. Then by freehand painting or by using an artist`s airbrush create designs on your nails instead of a canvas!

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