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Oral & Body Piercings
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Oral Piercings

Oral piercingFor tongue, lip, cheek, and labret piercings, it is recommended to rinse the mouth after smoking, eating and drinking (except water). Some piercers recommend using Listerine, while others, claiming that Listerine is too harsh on the piercing thereby hindering the healing process, recommend a non-alcoholic mouthwash such as Oral-B Non-Alcoholic or Biotene, or a diluted saline solution. Kissing and oral sex are advised against for 4-6 weeks after the piercing, as are excessively hot or spicy foods. Some recommend cold foods such as ice cream bars, slushies, and the like. Blended foods are also a great alternative or even anything soft is recommended.

Body Piercings

It is generally advised by piercers to use a sea salt rinse or a medical saline rinse, which could be placed in a shot glass and held to the piercing for about 10 minutes, no more than 2 times a day. The solution could also be soaked into a cotton ball and used to gently cleanse the piercing morning and night. Overcleaning is a common cause of irritation and redness in a piercing, as well as inappropriate cleansing agents. Another technique is sometimes practiced in which a new piercing is left to heal completely on its own without any cleansing, under the philosophy that the body will treat it as any other minor wound. This is commonly called the KIS method, which stands for "Keep It Simple."

Cleaning ProcessPiercers who use this method compare the healing process to getting stitches to heal up surgical wounds. Since one wants the body to accept the jewellery and create a clean, firm fistula, piercers who use this method advise that any solution or chemical could irritate the piercing and cause rejection and promote scarring and keloids. For the most part, piercers agree that hydrogen peroxide and isopropyl alcohol are effective in sanitation but too strong for fresh piercings and often result in irritated piercings or excess scar tissue.

The debate over what constitutes proper aftercare is believed by the simple fact that a healthy clean piercing that isn`t made to become irritated through harsh treatment (of any kind) will almost always heal perfectly; but personal preferences will vary.

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