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Types of Tattoos
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.Flash tattooFlash is the most common choice of pre-existing tattoos, which is the reason it might not be the choice for you. Although it is very easy to find a likable design from flash on the wall in a tattoo shop or on the internet, you need to realize what flash is before you can make that decision.

Flash is basic tattoo design that shops buy from artists to hang on the walls and give customers something to pick from them. Tattoo shops make much more money when they are tattooing rather than spending time drawing, so they are encouraging their customers to pick something already drawn. The problem is that the page of flash you are choosing from could be in 300 shops across the country or the world That shows that thousands of tattoo customers are viewing those exact images every day. The likelihood that a few hundred people have the exact image you are picking is very high. Tattoos should not be produced like clothes, and you should never have to meet someone with the same tattoo. You might want to make this permanent addition to your body a little more customized to just you.

You need to be careful, with the other pre-existing images. If you choose to get a tattoo that is already on someone else, you need to realize that the former might not appreciate that. They might have put their tattoo on the internet to show off the skill and art that went into making it, and were not thinking someone would steal it. If you are serious about wanting that image, but want a few details changed in order to make it more suited to you, bring in the picture to your tattoo artist, and they should be most willing to help you with the changes. Then the tattoo is unique to you.

Some tattoos are of a specific painting or other famous art, and those are considered a tribute to that art piece and not copying it. There have been some renditions of Picasso paintings as back pieces and other tributes, which do not need anyone`s permission. But if you are recreating the work of a contemporary artist, you could always politely ask. Most artists would be flattered and ask that you send them a picture of the completed tattoo. The best way to ensure that a tattoo is unique to you and you alone is to have it designed especially for you by an artist. You can ask your tattoo artist to do this for you if you like their style of drawing, and this usually works out really well. Talented tattoo artists will enjoy doing the tattoo much more if it is their own artwork.

Unfortunately, many tattoo artists do not want to spend the time drawing for you, and might pressure you into getting something that falls beneath your expectations. Alternatively, they might not have the creativity to design what you had in mind. In cases like these, it is best to have a design all set to bring to your tattoo artist. This way you can be very sure it is exactly what you want and not be persuaded to pick something you did not have any time to consider.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Temporary tattoos can be a fun since they are not really tattoos. Rather, they are a type of body sticker, like a decal. They are applied to the skin using water to transfer the design temporarily to the surface of the skin. Temporary tattoos are removed easily with soap and water or oil-based creams, and are intended to last only a few days. They are a pain-free way to enjoy tattoos and tattoo culture without the permanent side affects.

The trends with tattoos have been ever changing. From basic black to bright hues, tattoos have now become a crystal studded affair. There can also be a rub on, or paint on variety of tattoos. They can be bought at almost any store in thousands of different designs, or you can make your own designs to be printed. Many companies are now putting their logos on the very popular temporary tattoos, and have found this to be a very cheap and effective form of advertising. All temporary tattoos are non-toxic, and only the paint-on ones are not recommended for all ages.

The stick on tattoos usually stays raised on top of your skin, and are very much like a sticker for skin. Most of these come off in one washing, or if exposed to elements or friction (like from clothes). They are the least permanent of the three types, which can be a pro or a con, depending on your situation. Since it is a sticker, they can be much more complex in design, and use glitter or other materials that the others cannot employ.

Rub-on tattoos are by far the most popular and widely used. They are usually applied by wetting the surface of the skin and laying the tattoo onto that area. Pressure is applied to the tattoo, after 30 seconds, you can peel the backing paper off, and your temporary tattoo stays. These will usually stay for a few washings, and are resilient to friction or heat.

Paint on tattoo The Paint on tattoos are applied in a few different ways, the most common being from an airbrush or a paintbrush. The airbrush application involves stencils and is usually limited to basic popular designs. The paintbrush application can use stencils if needed, but if the person applying the tattoo is creative and skilled, they can be much freer to make any designs or images you like, being limited only by their palate. These paint on temporary tattoos are very popular at fairs and other celebrations, but cost much more than the other types of temporary tattoos.

Airbrush tattoos are another popular form of temporary tattoos. This process involves using a stencil design and blowing paint through the stencil onto the skin. This form of tattoo lasts approximately a week.

Henna tattoo Other forms of temporary "tattoos" are henna tattoos, also known as Mehndi, and the marks made by the stains of silver nitrate on the skin when exposed to ultraviolet light. Both methods, silver nitrate and henna, can take up to two weeks to fade from the skin.

Youngsters and tattoo fans of all ages love showing off some eye-catching displays of Celtic body art also. They are easy-to-apply that depict stylized mythical creatures, human figures incorporated in spirals and weaves, abstract circular designs, bands of traditional interwoven designs that can be worn as bracelets, and other interesting patterns. These temporary tattoos are difficult to distinguish from permanent tattoos. They all reveal the distinctive and timeless beauty of Celtic art-come with complete instructions for safe and easy application and removal.

Types of TattoosTo enhance their beauty, women are also sporting tattoos of all shapes and sizes, of vivid hues and colours, particularly studded with crystals as a fashion statement of the season. Since crystals sparkle and are much cheaper than diamonds, a lot of girls love the whole glitter look. Girls can stick the tattoos on their body and then can play and have a lot of fun with it. The response from the women towards this new crystal edition has been overwhelming. Women have responded tremendously to the new trend by getting their body done in large numbers at various fairs. Such readymade tattoos can just be used on to the body anywhere, be it the face, neck, arms, legs or whatever you want to show off.

The colours used nowadays for these tattoos are skin friendly as they are dermatologically tested for their skin sensitivity. Also these tattoo marks are just temporary which last to just about five days - just the time one could get bored with it. Trained tattoo artists and workers also engage themselves for laying intricate and creative pattern of different sizes and shapes in these crystal works. The cost of each work depends on the pattern and the amount of crystals being used.

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