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Though once looked upon as freakish trends of alternative culture, body art has transitioned into a fad of modern mainstream society. Let us gain knowledge from this website that highlights the various body art forms like tattoos, body piercing, body painting, mehendi (temporary tattoos) and nail art.

Body Art
Body ArtIn the whole history of humanity, people have decorated themselves - one way or another with clothing, jewellery, tattoos, piercing, scars, permanent changes of the bone structure, plastic surgery - and by painting the body. Such decoration is known as Body Art
TattooingThough the existence of tattoos can be traced from history, this is yet considered as the best form of decoration for the body till date. So what are tattoos in the first place and how can they be got on your skin. Enjoy discovering all this and much more facets of tattoos.
Tattoo Removal
Tattoo RemovalA Tattoo is meant to be a permanent piece of art. However, various methods have been developed for tattoo removal. Some methods are successful whereas some methods take longer than others do. Find out about the various removal methods and their procedures and see which one can you handle?
PiercingBody piercing is returning to the mainstream of modern Western cultures as attitudes and values are seen changing. Piercings that don`t conform to cultural norms-for example, facial piercings or ear piercings for men-are no longer considered a taboo. Let us go into the intricacies of this unexplored art!
PaintingAs considered by some people, painting is the most ancient form of body art. Since they are temporary and painless, they have become a great rage for this generation. Lets enter this world of Body Painting!
Nail Art
Nail ArtNail art is the most happening thing in the world of fashion today. With the ongoing trends in the commercial hub enthralling the trendsetters, nail fashion has emerged as quite a craze. Let us explore this style statement as a temporary art to adorn our bodies!
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