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BeachwearBeachwear comprises shorts, Bermudas, bikers shorts, swim wear and ofcourse sarongs. For women the tube top or a cropped tank top that is most favored outfit. It also consists of printed swimsuits and laced bikinis. When it comes to fabrics for beachwear, the choice is between Lycra and of course cotton, linen or viscose. Silk and polyester (except in Lycra) are not favored. Large floral designs in multi-colours are also in. Stripes that are not exactly executive or sober in their looks but are thick parallels that are combined to appear in myriad colours in the beachwear catagory.

Abstracts are also a favourite as long as they are bright and bold solid colours cannot be totally ignored. But they have a lot of flash and dash. Fire red, terrific turquoise, jade green or perfect pink. Colours that make an impact against the wild waters of the beach and the serene beige of the sand are also preferrred. Swimsuits are now a part of the beachwear and for the water nymph who wants to while away her time on the sands and in the water there are several Indian brands that cater to her needs. Labels like Proline and Bata have been creating beachwear, which is comparable to the best in the West.

Tank TopThe most exciting thing that has happened to beachwear and especially to the swimsuit is the sarong. This large piece of cloth that can be gently wrapped around a swimsuit or by itself adds that bit of glamour and formality to a swimsuit. The length of a sarong is the same as that of a dupatta. So the more adventurous ones can even make a dupatta double up as a sarong if the need arises.

Apart from a sarong, even a scarf tied to the head, around the waist or held in the hand makes not only an attractive accessory but a useful one to shade and protect the head from the harsh rays of the morning sun. Sunglasses are an absolute must on the beach whether one likes it or not. Accessories like jewellery are always kept to the bare minimum when one is on the beach. A pair of earrings or a bracelet is all that is required. Fashion on the beach has become as exciting as in the city. What is required is a bit of imagination and the right garments to make an impact.

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