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Casual Wear
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Turtleneck T-shirtIt was in ancient times that men used to dress up in ethnic style but now since a past few decades men dressing has been casual. Man casual wear ensemble is mind-blowing consisting of multiple exquisite varieties. For casual wear there are western clothing styles. Funky pants catalog encompasses cargo`s, four and six pocket pants drawstring pants and shorts. For jogging and other fitness activity there are track pants. Sheer comfortable and highly flexible are specially meant for sporting activities. Among top styles there are different styles in T-shirt like turtlenecks, V-necks and sleeveless etc.

Jeans has created bizarre all over and is one piece of clothing that can be found in every man`s cupboard as casual wear. Latest trend this season is of washed out jeans. Blue jeans are a big hit among youngsters. Jeans is highly versatile and can go well with any color T-shirt. There was a time when jeans were considered to be a part of informal wear. But now in the contemporary times business suit with the conservative mandatory tie is dying and jeans have made its way to the office premises.

SweatshirtsWinter brings along glamorous casual wear for men. Designer sweaters in different styles like pullover, cardigan, and sweatshirts etc. retro designs are in vogue. Jackets are gaining momentum among teen boys. Western wear leather clothing for men is hot and happening. Leather dinner jackets look trendy and are apt for the dashing look. Another stiff competitor is a denim jacket. These jeans jackets are apt for funky freaky look and look great on casual comfy pants.

There are an exotic variety of shoes hitting the market ranging from casual shoes for men to the party time shoes. Well, the ambit of cool footwear is again extensive and includes sneakers, loafers, floaters and funky sporty sandals. For sporting activities, there are specially made sport shoes, which provide the necessary grip, and support, which helps to minimize injuries. For the party purpose we have a couple of trendy men boots and leather shoes that invite opposite sex attention. For shorter men, there are high-heeled shoes that give a taller appearance. Buying the trendy funky shoes is fine but make sure it is comfortable too. Also while shopping, be clear about the formality of an event and then pick up a perfect pair of footwear for you.

Some Fashion Tips

CardiganGiven below are some clothing style tips for men that will provide guidelines regarding the right man fashion clothing for different body type.

Short waist men should avoid wearing trousers / jeans at waist. Low waist jeans are not the right type for you. Tucking your top would not be a very good option. Pullovers are apt for your personality. Short lengthy tank tops are a total no because they tend to highlight your short waist. Contrast concept wont look very good as it would interfere with the vertical flow. So a combo of pink shirt and black trouser should not be chosen. Ask your tailor to keep an inch higher on waist while taking measurement.

Long waist men need to do things the other way round when compared to short waisted guys. The perfect fashion style for guys is low waist jeans with a contrasting shade T-shirt tucked inside. Double breast jacket is just ideal for you so as to prevent people`s eyes from falling particularly on your legs. Opt for belts with a big buckle.

Men with flat buttocks should firstly make sure that they wear proper fit pants. Straight leg trousers are just perfect for you because they divert the attention from back and camouflage your body feature. On the contrary there are men with big butts. For them it`s important to wear proper undergarments, which includes biking shorts & boxer briefs as they tightly hold your body. Attire low waist pleated flat front trousers, as they would go well with your personality.

If you have a large belly, your wardrobe should have a combination of light fabric and dark color. Light shades tend to accentuate your big belly. You should make it a point to wear a vest as it prevents loose skin flow from taking place. Long sleeve T-shirt is the right kind for you. Avoid low waist jeans.

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