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Formal Wear
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SherwaniFormal section for men is mind-blowing and no one could ever think of it that our very own Indian classic designing and traditional styling would be able to make its way to ramps. Crystal embellishments and exquisite embroideries are finding place on traditional Indian clothes for men. The best part about these ethnic ensembles is that apart from being fashionable, they are also very comfortable. They look royal and give a very dashing look. Silk kurta gives dazzling effects. Shorter men and fleshy guys should wear knee long kurtas. Tall guys can opt for calf length kurta also.

Today men are becoming very fashion conscious especially in urban areas. To adorn their personality there is a fabulous range of formal wear encompassing sherwani suit, jodhpuri, kurta pajama, achkans etc. In rural & semi urban areas men are still sticking to Dhotis. Nowadays, in order to look stylish and at the same time wish to maintain that cool dude image, men attire the kurta with funky jeans.

TuxedoFor the formal meetings there are formal men wear tuxedo. These tuxedos and other business suit form part of the perfect interview attire. As far as formal wear is concerned you need to pick up the tie very carefully that goes in line with your business suit. White is the most versatile shirt color with which all ties make good combo. Checks and stripes are funky styles in shirt. On everything - pants, neckwear, shirts! Seersucker in non-traditional colors, and pin and chalk stripes (suit pant styles) in casual trousers. Shirts feature colorful stripes and neckwear in suit pinstripes. Pairing tie and shirt stripes are the coordination challenge for the upcoming season. Whether you go in for tailored or prêt wear shirts ensure its fit. Proper maintenance in terms of right way of folding and hanging clothes helps to maintain the look of the clothing and it lasts for a long time.

But the charm of these fabulous formal wear comes when they are teamed with the right accessories which contains multiple items like leather wallets & briefcase, sleek eye wear, fragrance perfume, handkerchief, stylish scarf, hat, cufflink etc. It is a misconception that jewelry is reserved for women because now men have entered women`s arena and are making their fashion statement. It`s exciting to explore the men jewelry section.

Leather BeltMen`s formal wear wardrobe is incomplete without a belt. Available in distinct styles and colors, designer belts for men are one of the most fashionable accessories. There is a vast array of stylish belts encompassing man`s dress belts, man leather belts and casual belts for guys. Casual Belts are wider than dressy belts and usually come up in pleasant light colors. While Formal Belts have a very shiny finish. Three major shades that are selling like hot cakes among men are black, brown and tan. Black is indeed evergreen and can be found in every man`s cupboard. Teenagers can go in for cool funky bright belts. Leather belts are hot and go well with the funky designer apparels. Whatever your budget may be, there is a belt for you to suit your style. Always buy belt that is one size larger than your actual waist size. Buy the best belt for you that can reflect your inner self and don`t forget to match it properly with your wardrobe and your pocket too.

Leather ShoesMen need to give due consideration to their shoes as well. Leather shoes are in vogue. For summer season there are funky leather thongs and sandals that are comfortable and are apt for hot summers. But winter comes with a style as it brings along fashionable winter boots. Though boots can be worn at any time but they look fabulous during winters. It is not only stylish but also a very practical shoe type. For the complete ethnic look, there are splendid varieties of Punjabi jutties and royal Mojris.

The reservoir of men`s formal wear fashion accessories is now vast and consists of innumerable things. In the catalog of top men accessories we have watches, designer eye frames, socks and tie. Apart from these known categories we do have some miscellaneous men accessories that adorn men`s personality like designer man cufflinks accessory, head bandanas, key chains, pen, moisture wicking sweatband and valets.

Formal WatchesWhen it comes to some elegance and style, classic cufflinks cannot be forgotten. If you want to maintain the perfect gentleman look, these cufflinks are a must. They embellish your personality and give you just the perfect complete look for the convocation meeting or any other formal occasion. Monogrammed cufflinks are very in. For cool youngsters, there are an exotic variety of funky head bandanas available in different styles and patterns. They come up in all rainbow colors.

Today, watch is not just an instrument for looking at time but has become more of a fashion style. You will be astonished nowadays, to see the exclusive variety of designer man watches ranging from dressy wristwatch to casual wristwatch for guys to specially made sports watch and luxury man watches. Luxury men watch category encompasses gold watch and diamond watch etc. Other category includes fossil watch. You can figure out a man`s personality looking at his shoes and watch. Watches act as a reflection of a person`s attitude. In the catalog of class watches we have Titan, Timex, Seiko, Swiss, Gucci and Omega etc. Watches differ in terms of intricate features like calculator, digital cameras, scratch resistance, waterproof, data indicators and chronometers. Digital watches are in vogue.

Perfume for MenWhen it comes to creating long lasting impression on women, the first thing men choose is class fragrances for men. Modern men wear perfumes as an indication of their style and passion. Perfumes for men speak about the wearer`s attitude and define a fashion statement for him. The market is flooded with a variety of cologne man perfumes. When it comes to accessorizing wardrobe, designer scents for guys occupy a supreme position. A diverse variety of elegant fragrance perfumes are stored in shopping malls and is among the top hot shopping list of men of all age groups. The gamut of scents is pretty extensive and encompasses price friendly mass fragrances to luxury prestigious fragrances and hip-hop style celebrity fragrances. The specialty of mass fragrances lies in the fact that it is like a double bonanza offer with a combo of high quality and reasonable price. The packaging is also good enough to lure people into trying it.

Little things can make a big difference to your styling and always remember that first impression is the last impression. One thing which is very precious, which is smile. It costs nothing but does wonders. A pleasing person is always welcomed.

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