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Evening Wear

Halter dressAn evening gown or gown is the general name given to a lady`s dress worn to a formal affair. A gown is a long, often loose, flowing garment. It is a type of dress, ranging in length from tea and ballerina to full-length. It is a tantalizing dress, which is serenely chic. They reflect the aura and personality of women and compliment their charisma. Elegantly cut with style and oomph, they give a young princess look with attitude. Gowns are often made of a luxury fabric such chiffon, velvet, satin or silk.

Celebrities turn to the Halter dress for the red carpet because they know it`s one of the sexiest formal looks around. Several variations exist, including a knot-front halter and a tie-behind-the-neck look; straps vary in size from spaghetti-width to wide, soft straps. The halter dress calls extra attention to the upper half of the body, including the face, shoulders and bustline.

Cocktail DressThe Cocktail dress is probably the most versatile of all special occasion looks. Although the little black dress is the universally accepted look for cocktail but you should just not stick to black, but experiment with different colour. You can adjust the silhouette of the cocktail dress to work for their figure, keeping the top and waist, slim and fitted for the elegant look.

You can frame your face with a stand-up collar by choosing a moderate or plunging neckline to compliment the high collar and by pulling the hair up or away from the face.

Head-to-beads are difficult to carry off, but a touch of Embellishment dress is spectacular. The beading should be on a part of the body you would want to highlight, including the bodice, waist or neckline.

Off Shoulder DressAn Off-the-shoulder dress instantly shows lots of skin, but not necessarily areas one might be uncomfortable showing like the lower back or cleavage. The silhouette of the off-the-shoulder dress adds width to the upper half of the body, balancing the lower half. This is definitely a dress for those who have the guts to bear and carry it off.

A One-shoulder dress styles also give a sexy look that is also great for pageants. These dresses shows off one shoulder which accentuates the upper body.

The Corset dress lifts the breasts and whittles the waist, and looks fantastic and edgy while doing it. You can choose a dress with a built-in corset for the bodice or opt for a separate corset top with a skirt. This look adds curves to slender figures and structure to fuller figures: it`s great all-around for flattery.

Strapless DressThe Strapless gown also is a very feminine gown, which adds up to the contours of the ladies. It is a definite head-tuner dress and demands attention!

A fresh flowery Print dress is perfect for daytime occasions. Big bloom prints look good on most women. But larger women look best with the prints close together and less background space showing, the opposite is true for smaller women.


The Asymmetrical Kurti
As the name states, this style may have only one sleeve, while the other shoulder is bared, or may have an asymmetrical edge, or may have embellishments only on one side. The point being, it is totally non-traditional and very cool.

Handherchief KurtiThe Kaftan-Style Kurti
A great twist on traditional kaftans that women used to wear around the house in the seventies and eighties, this kurti style can be worn by literally everybody. Large loose sleeves and flowing fabrics give a "hippie" feel. Teamed with similar accessories, like fabric hair flowers, and a long flowing skirt, this would be a super retro outfit.

The Tube-Top Handkerchief Kurti
This collection is bust hugging, arm-bearing and ultra sexy in its look. They are Indian in their fabric and color, but western in their cut.

The Poncho Kurti
The look this kurti gives is awesome, extremely unique and ethnic. A poncho-kurti can either be layered over a spaghetti-strap top or by itself, depending on its design and fabric.


Jeans has always been the favourite in the fashion world. Jeans is available in different styles, cut and has become an all-purpose wear. However to flaunt a figure one needs to wear the pair that fits the best. One needs to pick the pair of jeans that fit perfectly and make a person look amazing, which is not that difficult, but all a person has to do is try on several pair to find just the right style and fit. And also follow these guidelines.

For a Tall/Slim figure
Look for styles that are plain and simple with straight legs. If you want to draw attention to the long legs then go for a style with a flared leg or design along the outside length of the jean. One should avoid jeans with a tapered leg. This will only accentuate the size of the feet (and taller girls often have big feet) and make the legs look strange.

For a Long Torso
In such a body type it is very difficult to choose the perfect jeans. Ideally one should go for a pair of jeans with a defined waist that will make the bottom half look longer and leaner. Also wearing a belt would define the body shape perfectly. Here, the jeans with a long, bulky or tight crotch should be avoided.

Boot-cut_pear-figFor Pear-Shaped Figure
You can go in for styles with a flared leg, boot cut or pattern around the ankle area. But you should avoid jeans that are tight around the thigh area and tapered or baggy styles.

For Wide Hips
One should choose a pair of jeans with a low-rise waist and a slight flare at the leg to help to balance their silhouette. You should go for jeans with a bit of stretch along with large back pockets. You can avoid styles with really big or really small back pockets and detailing across the back.

For a Petite Figure
You should go in for a pair with straight legs, worn on the long side, helping to give a taller silhouette. To make the legs look longer you can also wear heels with a bootleg style, and make sure to go for dark-coloured jeans. To make the legs look longer one should avoid styles with cuffs and Capri pants.

Short-waist_jeansFor Short-Waisted Figure
You can go in for hipsters or super-hipsters. Low-slung, hipster styles gives the illusion of having a longer torso. One should avoid jeans with a zip more than 3 inches long and jeans with fringe or embellishment along the waistband.

For Plus-Size Figure
One should go for dark-coloured jeans with a straight leg, boot cut or flare. But avoid light-coloured jeans and styles that feature patterning down the legs. Also you can avoid jeans with pleats and elastic waists, as well as baggy styles.

Basic Tips

You should wear light colours where the body is small and dark colours where larger. For example, if you have large hips, wearing dark skirts or pants and a light coloured blouse would be a good option.

Wearing set-in sleeves with shoulder pads will help to balance wide hips. The shoulder pads will add to the shoulders therefore balancing with the hips.

You should not choose clothes that are too tight. Clothes that fit well will make a person appear slimmer while tight clothes will only add pounds.

One should wear tops or dresses that have a scoop neckline with half or long sleeves to hide heavy arms and draw attention to the face and neck.

Clothes in solid colors with simple lines will make you appear taller.

One should always break in new shoes before wearing them out for a special occasion.

Wearing straight silhouettes in a solid colour can hide a thick waist.

Western WearTraditional Wear
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