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Collecting Antiques
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In strict antique-speak, an antique is any collectable item that is seventy to one-hundred years oldCollecting Antiques Newer items can also be quite valuable, if you know how to pick them. In all instances, a collectible item has value if someone, somewhere, wants to buy it. You may already know what you want to start collecting, but finding your antique niche means doing the relevant research first. For every item--furniture, clothing, books, or other odd collectibles--there is a general code of understanding as to their value in dollars. In order to be a successful antique collector you need to learn about the era in which you item was made, and what this means about its value.

Choosing your antique niche is more about what interests you; it also depends on how deep your pockets are.Collecting Antiques Try to budget a certain amount of your income per month to see how much you can spend. Also, ask yourself how quickly you want to start building your antique collection. If you have lots to spend you may choose to locate items in mint condition. If you have less to spend you may go after items in less than mint condition. It`s always best to research before you buy. In all cases, try to learn as much as you can about the certain type of collectible or antique: where it comes from, the style or era, and even, the maker or artist or designer. Be it silverware or clothing or furniture or paintings, the more you know about the items you choose to collect the better you will be able to judge its value.

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