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The latest craze in extreme sports is kitesurfing, it only started out in 1990 but there are tens of thousands of enthusiasts around the world..Kitesurfing You can go to any ocean side on a weekend and you will see that kitesurfing has a strong following and has expanded quickly. Kite surfing, also known as kitesurfing and kite boarding involves using a power kite to pull a small surfboard or wake board on water.

The kitesurfing board is a surfboard but shorter and the kitesurfer is attached to it with foot straps or bindings You have the board attached to a kite, that looks more like a parachute, by a series of lines of various lengths. The kite propels the board across the water at quite great speeds. The challenge in kitesurfing is that your body is the only connection between the kite and the board and mastering the control of both the kite in the air and the board on the water is a key point. The theory behind kitesurfing is simple enough; the practice is another story. Because of that you need a little while to master. Kitesurfing enthusiasts should take lessons from an experienced kitesurfing instructor before practicing this sport, no matter how much experience you have with surfing or windsurfing.

The sport is still in its infancy but is rapidly growing in popularity. The sport is becoming safer due to innovations in kite design, safety release systems and instruction. Many riding styles have evolved to suit different types of riders and conditions, such as wake style, wave riding, freestyle, jumping, and cruising. Other variations of using kites for propulsion include kite land boarding, snow kiting, kite buggying, kite jumping and using kites to propel a sea kayaks.

KitesurfingHowever, Power kites can be dangerous. Because of strong forces that can be generated by sudden wind gusts, people can be lofted, carried off, dashed against water, buildings, terrain or power lines, resulting in what`s termed a "kitemare" (kite + nightmare). Most kite surfing fatalities are the result of being lofted or dragged, causing the kite surfer to lose control and to be dragged or thrown against hard objects including sand and water at speed. Under certain conditions it`s possible to be seriously injured simply by impact with the water surface.

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