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Pleasure Boating
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Pleasure Boating as a family sport is growing in popularity every year. The `Kettuvalams` or the House boats of Kerala, India are an adaptation of the pleasure boats. They were in use by the Maharajas for their pleasure cruises in the Backwaters of Kerala now being developed as the West Coast Canal. The nature of pleasure boating as a sport is such that age appears no barrier to long-term success. Being a recreational activity, most boating is done in calm protected waters and during good weather. Boating, the activity of traveling by boat typically refers to the recreational use of boats, focused on the travel itself. Boating is an extremely popular activity, and there are millions of boaters worldwide.

Boating holidays are also a wonderful way to spend the summer! You can just pack your bags and float around on a houseboat or a yacht for a few weeks, enjoying the sunshine, fishing and swimming and visiting towns along the shoreline. It is comparable in cost to staying in a hotel, with so much less hassle. And it`s great for the whole family, especially the kids. Children always find entertainment on and around water. Boating holidays, as opposed to travel on large cruise ships, offer a more intimate and relaxed voyage without the bustle of thousands of mega-ship passengers all around you. And the venues are more intriguing than the tourist traps visited by the big cruise ships. The smaller boats are surprisingly well serviced, with features such as showers and sometimes bicycles for tours around the countryside during stops. Many online services throughout the world offer trips on local canals and lakes surrounded by historic locations.

However, boating activities are as varied as the boats and boaters who participate, and new ways of enjoying the water are constantly being discovered. Broad categories include the following:


sailingSailing is becoming an increasingly popular recreational activity for families, and with good reason. Sailing as a family encourages the kind of lighthearted cooperation and communication that can help any clan of kin grow closer while having a lot of fun. Spending an afternoon on the water is a great way to get recreate oneself from the stress of everyday life. Sharing this kind of experience with your loved ones can also be a great way to have some quality bonding time.

If you are thinking about exploring this great and soothing sport with your family, it is better if you start from the calm and serene waters of the lakes. Taking on difficult waters or a very long journey when you and your family are new to this outdoor recreational activity can sour the whole experience of sailing.

To keep everybody in a good mood, make sure that you and your nearest and dearest have all of the training you need in order to have a calm and safe journey. Also try starting with a course in water safety along with basic sailing terminology and techniques. The fact that learning to sail is half the fun explains why growing numbers of sailing schools offer classes that are specially designed to suit the needs of families with varying ages of children. So with a little bit of effort you are sure to discover a class that is right for you and your kids.

Private sailing classes can cost quite a bit, but if you have the resources to splurge on these sailing classes for your family, you are all but guaranteed to have fun and learn the basics of sailing.

If your recreation budget cannot accommodate this kind of one-on-one instruction, many shore towns and cities offer municipally subsidized sailing lessons for residents at prices that are well below the market rate for this kind of instruction. With a little research and creative planning, you and your family should be able to hit the high seas without breaking the bank.


YachtingThe ` jaghtschips`, a swift, maneuverable sailing vessel about 14 to 20 m (about 45 to 65 ft) in length was renamed Yachtships by the English, were fast and flexible and were used to catch pirates by their respective Navies. But it soon caught the fancy of the Lords and Kings and they soon adopted them for their pleasure cruising in the Thames River. In the late 19th century Yachting was revolutionized by the appearance of various types of power-driven craft, particularly steam yachts.

These enormous steam yachts were gradually succeeded by smaller, less costly, cabin cruisers powered by gasoline or diesel engines. Sailing achieved unprecedented heights of popularity with amateur Yachters after World War II. Reduced maintainence costs with the use of fiberglass and aluminium for hulls and nylons, a general rise in personal income, better communication links and the construction of several Marinas contributed to the surge in Yachting Activity in this century.


Canoeing is a sport of propelling a canoe through water. Canoes are also used as transportation vehicles. It is usually propelled by means of paddles, although sails and, more recently, outboard motors are also used. Either sails or paddles propel racing canoesCanoeing Whitewater canoeing is an activity, in which the vessel is navigated through rapids. Canoe racing with paddles first also became an official Olympic event at the Berlin games in 1936. Canoes are popular on lakes and rivers due to their carrying capacity and efficiency on the water. They are also easy to portage, or carry overland around obstructions like rapids, or just down to the water itself.

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