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Like tennis, racquetball can be played in a game of "singles," where two players face off head to head or "doubles" where teams of two compete against each other. Tennis and racquetball have a lot in common, but although their rules and format are similar they require very different techniques and playing styles. Racquetball demands all of the agility, grace, speed, and strategy of tennis, but to be a great racquetball player you also need tremendous reserves of power.

Racquetball is a game played with racquet and a hollow rubber ball on an indoor or outdoor courtRacquetball The rules of racquetball are relatively simple. In racquetball, you and a partner take turns hitting a rubber ball in such a way that it bounces once on the floor in front of you hits the front wall, and returns. As in most games, the primary objective in racquetball is to win the game by getting the most points. You win points by hitting the ball in such a way that your opponent cannot hit it back to you.

The game of racquetball is a very fast paced and challenging one, so it is little wonder that so many people make racquetball a regular part of their fitness routine. The game provides a great cardiovascular workout while also providing a recreational activity. Many people, who have trouble sticking with a regular workout regimen turn to racquetball as a way to get their exercise, even a beginner can enjoy a lively afternoon of racquetball. The combination of speed, power and intelligence racquetball demands makes it a great workout for the body and also a recreational activity for the mind.

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