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Recreation is any activity people choose to do during their leisure or free time for the fun, pleasure or satisfaction it provides. Recreation is better known as an act of diversion: an activity that diverts, amuses, refreshes or stimulates the mind, body and soul. It is an activity that renews your health and spirits by enjoyment and relaxation. Recreation refreshes a person`s strength and spirits after work. The use of leisure time to satisfy such desires as recreation, amusement, play, adventure, or education. To satisfy these desires, those who have the time to participate in them and the means to pay for them seek an ever-increasing variety of experiences.

RecreationRecreation will mean different things to different people. What is recreation to one person may indeed be work to another. People actually have more leisure time than they have had in the past, yet they have difficulty using that time in ways that are meaningful and satisfying. Stress-related disease, a breakdown of community, and a decrease in the physical and emotional health status have become serious concerns in the country. Healthy lifestyle choices that include involvement in positive recreation, leisure, and fitness opportunities have been shown to enhance the health and well being of individuals and the communities in which they live.

Outcomes associated with recreation and leisure participation lead to healthier people and healthier places to live and play. Participation in leisure and recreation opportunities encourages a connection to neighbors and fellow citizens and promotes pride within the community. Recreation programs are a natural venue for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Participation in these programs helps to keep people of all ages and abilities active and involved. Additionally, recreation in the natural environment allows for the development of positive behaviors in regard to environmental appreciation and environmental stewardship. Recreation and leisure pursuits should not be seen as a means of "killing time", rather they are an important and necessary part of a healthy lifestyle leading to healthy individuals and a healthy society.

RecreationWe define physically active recreation activities as "activities engaged in for the purpose of relaxation or enjoyment with the primary activity requiring physical exertion, and the primary focus is on human activity. These activities are not based on formal competition and lack a formal set of rules (other than those relating to safety)".

Recreation activities are those that:

people undertake for enjoyment in their own free time
people undertake by voluntarily allocating resources (time, money, equipment)
may be an expression of the self-identity of many people
provide for the expression of distinct (recreational) sub-cultures and
It may be essential to the quality of life of many people.

Recreation experiences are one of the most important parts of their lives and highly value the recreation opportunities available in their local area, community, region and state as a crucial element of live ability. Recreation is essential to build and sustain healthy communities. It also contributes to the cultural richness, diversity and quality of lifestyles.

People often base their holidays on recreation activities such as fishing, camping, surfing, scuba diving, four wheel driving, and boating. Forest recreation includes the use and enjoyment of a forest or wild land setting, including heritage landmarks, developed facilities, and other biophysical features. Swimming, hiking, picnicking, cooking, playing cards, fastball, reading, hockey, painting, and fishing-just to name a few, are the recreation activities. These are the activities, which are relaxing to humans or provide diversions from their normal routine. The weekend is typically a time for recreation. Traditionally music and dance serve as recreation in many cultures, as do sports, hobbies, games (playing) and tourism. Watching TV and listening to music are common forms of recreation, or rather leisure.

It should be noted that activities that involve organized competition based on formal rules are, by definition, sports. Competitive versions of some of the above activities also exist. The choice of hours for recreation is, however for employees is restricted by the requirements of, and agreements with, the employer (working time), and for students restricted by school hours. For people with their own business it is also restricted by the requirements of the work, such as the opening hours of the business based on wishes of customers, laws, and customs.

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