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Recreational Clubs in India
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Outdoor Recreation refers to active and outdoor activities such as backpacking, rafting, climbing, and outdoor survival. A few universities give degrees in outdoor recreation, which aim to teach graduates how to run a business in the field of outdoor recreation. Along with hands on training on activities included in outdoor recreation, basic courses needed for any business, such as accounting, are required to obtain a degree. Some outdoor recreation businesses cater to tourists, while others, such as indoor rock climbing, appeal to people wanting to be active on a regular basis. Outdoor Recreation programs are becoming more popular in the India. Universities often offer indoor rock climbing walls, equipment rental, ropes courses and trip programming.

Bowling and Billiards Association of India (BBAI)
The Bowling and Billiards Association of India (BBAI) has been established with the object of promoting indoor sports such as Ten Pin Bowling, Billiards/Pool and other Family Recreation activities in our country. BBAI`S aim is to promote high standards, impart knowledge, arrange tournaments and work closely with the Government in formulating rules and regulations pertaining to Recreational activities. As an added attraction, they have tied up with several Bowling Centers, Restaurants and Retail outlets for giving discounts to members.

This club is also established to impart knowledge concerning sports and recreation to members by organizing coaching camps at regular intervals. This club has also held and regulated many state and national tournaments in Bowling Billiards/ Pool and other sports. It also works closely with the Government in formulating rules and regulations concerning sport and Recreation.

Recreational Clubs in IndiaThe BBAI represents/protect and safeguard the interests of the owners of family Recreation Centers, and facilities concerning or relating to Family Recreation Centers, in all matter that may be formed and/or imposed by a State and/or Central legislation and/or Local Authority.

The Bowling Billiards Association of India promotes recreational and indoor sports in India and also to support and promote the interest and development of Family Recreation Centers across the nation. The objective of the association is to popularize the sport and catalyze the organization of the Recreation and Indoor sport industry.

Various leisure and recreation centers providing ten pin bowling, billiards, pool and other indoor recreational sports facilities would get an opportunity to join hands to address issues through the association. BBAI also imparts knowledge concerning leisure sports and recreation.

Procam International
Procam International is a full-fledged sports and leisure management company, involved in sports consultancy, innovative television programming, and celebrity endorsements and brand management. In 1988, with a vision to provide a more holistic spend to the advertising rupee and a burning desire to ameliorate the prevailing professional standards for sportsmen, Procam International was established. Procam International has promoted and conducted over 25 world events in the last 18 years.

Procam International creates, promotes and delivers world-class sporting and recreation events through its expertise in conceptualization, marketing, and execution. The company has carved a niche for itself in the televised production of live events, and its repertoire consists of such diverse events as The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, World Squash Championship, WWF, Asian Beach Volleyball, and the World Water Skiing Championships.

All India Darts Association (AIDA)
All India Darts Association (AIDA) aims to promote the sport of darts in India. AIDA is positioning darts as a recreational sport which has universal appeal - a sport which the young and old can participate in with equal gusto. Darts is an inexpensive game which can be played almost anywhere and in any climate, making it a suitable activity for a vast cross-section of the people of India. To popularize darts, the association has distributed darts boards free of cost to various schools, colleges, clubs and other interested organizations in West Bengal. AIDA has also organized various competitive tournaments to promote the sport and encourage enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills.

The Association had applied for membership to the World Darts Federation in 2003 and has been granted permanent membership in 2004. AIDA is now the principal contact for World Darts Federation in India. AIDA also enjoys the support of the Indian Olympic Association for its activities and events. This association promotes the recreational activity of darts by introducing and advocating it to schools, colleges, universities, clubs, business houses and by organizing coaching camps, workshops, seminars and other activities.

The National Adventure Foundation
The National Adventure Foundation is a registered organization for promoting outdoor recreational activities amongst the youth of the country by exposing them to nature, hardships and hazards. It aims to infuse a sense of discipline and promote physical fitness with a view to generate qualities of leadership, initiative and national pride. This foundation has a network of about 800 Adventure Clubs spread throughout the country to conduct these programmes.

Bangalore Chess Academy
Bangalore Chess Academy is the place for professional chess training in Bangalore. It is the ideal place for young players to learn the secrets of the mind game. It has been setup with a mission to provide a platform for the upcoming players to nurture their talents and make a mark in national and international chess. Academy is under guidance and headed by Vedant Goswami, a seasoned chess player of international repute and under his tutelage more than 500 students has been trained

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