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Recreational Programming , Research and Planning
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Recreation programming positions are numerous, and a wide variety of agencies employ Recreation Programmers, Program Coordinators or Recreation Technicians. These types of positions involve planning, organizing and supervising a wide range of recreation programs, supervising staff and instructors, preparing budgets, promoting programs, assisting community groups or other clubs with special events, booking facilities and other duties. This type of position is a typical starting position for a person just entering the field. More specialized positions are found in hospitals, extended care homes, agencies for the disabled, sport camps and outdoor camps. Recreation therapists or specialized activity coordinators work with people with disabilities, the elderly, or hospitalized people. Duties include ensuring involvement in recreation activities, evaluating progress of those involved in therapeutic programs, planning and leading programs and some administrative duties. Salary ranges are comparable with those for Program Coordinators.

Research and Planning
Research and planning expertise is necessary for many innovative projects and new developments. Municipal recreation and parks departments, government agencies and other recreation-related organizations may hire planners and consultants on permanent or contract positions. Research positions may involve developing and carrying out community studies, program and facility user surveys and environmental studies. Planning positions may require specialist professionals such as architects, engineers and landscape architects, or recreation and parks consultants who research, develop proposals and make recommendations regarding recreation and parks programs and facilities. Usually these positions require university graduation or higher levels and experience in the field.

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