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Rock Climbing
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Rock climbing tours can be both challenging and highly gratifying. You can discover what you are made of as you pit yourself against challenging gradients. The climbs are amongst the most picturesque scenery that India has on offer. The enchanting landscapes thus add to the appeal of the rock climbing in India and recreate ones mood when trying to conquer a tough and grueling face. Rock climbing in India is gaining popularity and there has been a profusion of clubs that imparts training for this recreational activity in the country. From starting of as a tool for the mountain climbing enthusiasts, it has become a major sport in it own right.

Many people are drawn to the sport of rock climbing because it allows them the opportunity to see the world from a unique advantage point. If you are fitness buff who loves to travel and also who wants to recreate yourself, rock climbing can help you indulge your passion for exploration while you push yourself to reach your athletic goals.

People who fall in love with this unique sport often build their vacations around the opportunity to explore notable and exciting climbing routes. When you take up rock climbing as a recreational activity, you are opening up a whole new world of sightseeing possibilities.

If you are new to the world of rock climbing, the best thing you can do is gain skills in your region before you head out to more exotic locales. If you invest some time in improving your technique and becoming familiar with the tools of the trade before you hit the road, you will find you are ready to enjoy the challenges that unfamiliar terrain provides. Even if you don`t live in the midst of a stunning mountain range, with a bit of research you will probably be able to find several satisfactory climbing routes within a day`s journey, or at least close enough to be a plausible destination for a long weekend`s vacation. If you start your rock climbing journey by finding some good routes and experienced climbers in your area, you can be sure you will be ready to make the most of the opportunities that will come your way when you do eventually travel to stunning foreign destinations.

Some climbers are self taught, but trying to climb without an experienced guide often leads to injuries and mistakes that could easily have been avoided if a teacher had been present. A master climber can help you achieve your goals while making sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions at every step along the way.

Rock Climbing in the Himalayas

Rock Climbing  Being the vast country that it is, India has some of the most varied geography in the world. The variety in geographical features offers for some very interesting destinations to engage in the sport of rock climbing in India. The Himalayas provide for some of the most interesting of locations when rock climbing in India.

Rock Climbing in Himachal Pradesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh has quite few destinations where one can enjoy rock climbing trip. Primarily known for its rafting trips on the Indus, the Ganges and their major tributaries, Himachal Pradesh also provides for some good choices for a rock climbing tour in India like the Manali Valley, Manikaran and the Rohtang Pass. Rock climbing training is provided in places like Dharamsala, Bharnmour Bharmour, Narkanda and Jispa.

Rock Climbing in Uttaranchal

Uttaranchal offers first rate rock climbing locations. Gangotri, a popular pilgrimage destination, is a good destination for ones interested in rock climbing in India. The site is located in the Garhwal area and offers excellent opportunities for high altitude rock climbing. One should stick to the summer and the autumn month for the tour when the weather is good and accessibility is not a problem. Rock climbing courses are also conducted in George Everest House in Mussoorie, Buranskhanda near Dhanaulti and Phoolchatti near Rishikesh.

Other Destinations

Rock ClimbingRock climbing in India can also be enjoyed at some places in and around Delhi at Dumdama, Dhauj and Nuh. All these places are part of the The Aravali hills and have good climbing faces. Other locations for rock climbing in India include Mount Abu and Sariska in Rajasthan with the rocks at more gentle gradients. There are also some spots in the area of the Western Ghats around Pune and Chamundi hills and rock formations along the Bangalore Mysore highway.

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