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For so many people the water`s edge is the limit of their activity and their knowledge. For the snorkeller, it is just the beginning, from this point on they are in their adopted element - the underwater world.

SnorkellingThe world that lies beneath the surface holds few secrets for the snorkeller. As they explore this world they soon learn more about its inhabitants and the rich life to be found there. It is easy to see why people can become passionate about our underwater world and never cease to be fascinated by their discoveries there.

As an activity, snorkelling is within the reach of practically everyone. It does not ask for expensive or complicated equipment, and the basics are easy to learn. Most of us take our holidays in areas that are ideal for snorkelling; you just need to be able to reach the sea. It`s also ideal for people of practically all age groups and is perfect as a family activity or with friends.

SnorkellingSnorkeling is a common form of diving on the surface or just below on the surface. A snorkel is a tube that allows the diver to breathe while floating at the water`s surface. One end fits in the diver`s mouth and the other end extends above the water.The equipment is usually made of rubber and plastics compounds and should be sufficiently supple to fit well without any discomfort.

You can also go along to a Snorkelling or Diving Club or School and join a course that will cover all of the requirements for safe snorkelling. Instruction is often available at resort hotels, sometimes starting out in the swimming pool before exploring the sea.

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