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Water -Skiing
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Water skiing is a surface water sport and recreational activity. Water Skiing, first appeared in the early 1900s.Water -Skiing It is popular in many countries around the world where appropriate conditions exist - an expanse of water unaffected by wave motion. Rivers, lakes, and sheltered bays are all popular for water skiing. Standard water skis were originally made of wood but now are usually constructed out of fiberglass-based composites.
At the time, it was called "aquaplaning." Aquaplane boards were usually 6 to 10 feet long and 3 feet wide, with a rope tied to the front. The skier or aquaplaner held on to a rope, which was attached to the front of the board. This made it possible to stand up and use body weight to manipulate the board.

Skiers are pulled along by a rope with a handle fitted at one end and attached to a powerboat at the other. Recreational skiers usually learn to ski with a ski on each foot, but as they improve usually progress to using a single ski, placing the other foot into another binding behind the main one. Beginners on two skis are usually pulled along at around 25-35 kilometers per hour, whereas more advanced social skiers travel at between 40 and 55 kilometers per hour - once confidence is gained it is actually easier to travel faster than at slower speeds because of the greater lift and stability.

Water -SkiingSeveral new sports have been invented that involve being towed behind a boat. They include wakeboarding and kneeboarding. Some other water sports are wakeskating, hydrofoiling, trick skiing, and ski jumping.

Nowadays, more than 350 water-skiing tournaments take place each year in which records for speed, distance and endurance continue to be broken.

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