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Abusive Relationships
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Abusisve RelationshipsAbusive Relationships is the use or threat of force by one person in an intimate relationship to dominate, hurt, victimize and control the other person. Often, the violence does not start at the commencement of a relationship. Sometimes it begins upon going `steady` or during the `engagement`. For others, it starts subsequent to marriage or even as late as when the partner becomes pregnant. Abusive relationships can be physical, emotional, sexual, social, financial and spiritual.

Physical Abusive Relationships
BreakupsPhysical acts that hurt or scare you are abuse, whether they cause injury that you can see or not. This can be things like holding, shoving, pushing, restraining, torturing, driving a car dangerously to scare you, punching, biting, threatening, kicking, burning, throwing or smashing personal objects, punching holes in walls or doors, hurting or killing pets, breaking things or using a weapon. Harming or threatening to hurt someone is a criminal offence. Physical abuse can occur in both romances and friendships.

Emotional or Verbal Abusive Relationships
Threats, intimidation, putdowns, and betrayal that can really hurt - not just during the time it`s happening, but long after too. Using threats or put-downs to get what they want, or to make you feel bad about yourself is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse, like teasing, bullying, and humiliating others, can be difficult to recognize because it doesn`t leave any visible scars. This can be things like calling you names, talking in a scary way, threatening to hurt or kill you, giving you scary "looks", telling you are crazy, stupid or useless, or purposely making you feel bad about yourself. Emotional abuse can hurt as much as physical abuse. It can actually be very destructive.

Sexual Abusive Relationships
It is never right to be forced into any type of sexual experience that you don`t want. This type of sexual abuse can happen to anyone, anytime. Sexual abuse can be things like forcing you to have sex, demanding or tricking you into doing sexual things or having sex with you while you have been drinking, taking drugs or maybe in an unconscious state. Sexual relationships should always be by choice of both partners. Any form of rape or sexual assault is a criminal offence.

Social Abusive Relationships
Using your social life to control you or make you feel bad about yourself is social abuse. You might have to do everything together, not be allowed to choose your own friends, have to stop seeing your family or friends, or have them feel unwelcome when they`re around. You might not be allowed to go out, or have to tell every detail about what you have been doing. You may be wrongfully accused of "getting on" with other people or be put down in public. Social abuse is a form of control.

Financial Abusive Relationships
Money can be used as a way of getting power over someone. This means things like making you dependent for money, forcing you to beg or do other things for money, keeping control of all money matters, stopping you from getting a job, gambling or selling your things without your permission.

Spiritual Abusive Relationships
Your partner might use religion, faith or cult beliefs as a form of control or to hurt you. You might be prevented from keeping your own faith, forced to participate in beliefs or ceremonies you don`t want to, scared or hurt by the use of certain beliefs. This can be a very powerful form of control and make you do things you don`t want to do.

However, many people yet subscribe to the thinking that violence is a normal part of any relationship. The existence of sayings that describe different types of "normal fighting" is proof in itself that we accept abuse as a part of life. Sibling rivalry, lover`s quarrels and family disputes are all the result of basic human nature. Assuming this to be true, you might even agree to it, but again but where do you draw the line between normal fighting and irreconcilable differences is important in every relationship that you are in.

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