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Importance of Relationships
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Importance of RelationshipsAll human beings crave for and certainly need social contacts. Relationships are very important to humans, whatever age, whatever nationality, whichever sex. Without relationships, life is empty, boring and lonely. With, relationships, lives are fun, fulfilling and sometimes stressful. Relationships are rewarding, but a struggle too, hence giving many headaches to a person.

Relationships however, change and develop over time. For example, relationships with parents change, moving towards more equality as we grow and become more independent. We start to develop interests outside the family and build closer relationships with our peers.

Relationships vary between different people and different groups. Those who are in positions of authority expect us to obey them, and we expect them to know what they`re talking about, so typically we do as they say. Friends expect us to offer support, encouragement and fun, which is what we expect from them. And we need to develop skills if we are to maintain happy, healthy and rewarding relationships.

The pace of life today is such that often relationships are given a low priority in our list of things to be attended to. It is important is that your relationships are built on strong ground, since become for you a strong social support and will play an important role in helping you lead a healthy stress-free life. Relationship is a human being`s feeling or sense of emotional bonding with another.

Our relationships are also a fundamental source of learning. The quality of the relationship deeply influences the hopefulness required to remain curious and open to new experiences, and the capacity to see connections and discover meanings. We feel "related" when we feel at one with another (person or object) in some heartfelt way.

Communication within relationships is also an important factor. If we don`t communicate well the relationship will suffer. We can discuss issues, raise conflicts (assertively, not aggressively), negotiate and can also make decisions. Thus, we have seen how relationship is a medium through which they allow us to flourish. It involves an emotional connection with each other and can animate us. Hence, it is important to take a good deep look at the relationships in your life and pay a little more attention to nurturing after, which you will feel a lot better if you did so and the relationship can only grow stronger for the effort you put into it.

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