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Long Distance Relationship Problems
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Apart from the positive side of a long distance relationship, the disadvantage to them is geography. It can be very difficult to begin and grow a relationship when spending time together is a very small part of your interaction. In fact, many couples who have months of a long phone/email relationship find out that their love has just fizzled out when they finally meet and discover the physical chemistry just has disappeared.

In order for it to work, it needs to be approached with openness, flexibility, good planning and willingness to compromise. Both parties must also be willing to put up with the hassles and sacrifices that a distance relationship comes with. Therefore, the first hurdle is to find someone who is ready with these conditions and who will make the effort to meet within several weeks to a month`s time.

Secondly, the best method for dealing with a long-distance relationship depends on the individuals themselves. Some things you will need to consider together and work out are:

How will you communicate- emails, phone
How often will you "speak"- daily, several times a week, etc.
When your first meeting will occur and where. You will need to work out travel and/or other arrangements. Some people meet in a halfway location; others may work the first meeting into a business trip or other planned travel. Whatever the arrangements- both people need to be comfortable with them and in agreement about who pays for what, etc.
What you will do as a couple when the relationship progresses to another level and you desire to live near one another- or together. It is best if a couple begins to discuss this early on in the relationship. Depending on the distance, some couples find a new location for both people that is somewhere in-between where they are now but require a longer commute to work, friends and other networks.

Setting a limit of how long you will be apart is a wise thing to do if you do not want to end up waiting forever. There will be a day when you and your partner will have to start planning a serious future, which can only happen when you are living in the same area or perhaps even living together, whichever makes you most comfortable. If none of you are willing to agree on a place to settle and start having a relationship where you see each other on a regular basis, then you can pretty much forget about accomplishing anything out of your long distance relationship. If your partner truly loves you and wants to be with you, then they would not want to wait forever to be with you.

Relationships thus, do not thrive or fail based on geography alone. The key to successful relationship building (and sustaining) is that the individuals have the same desire for the relationship and level of commitment to make it work. With a long distance relationship- one`s emotional maturity and ability to delay gratification will play major roles in the eventual failure or success of the relationship.

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