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Office Relationships
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Office RelationshipsOffice has always been the place for work and was only considered as a medium of livelihood for everyone... but not anymore now. Now offices apart from providing as a financial backing is also considered as a medium of refreshment and also a platform to get into new relationships. Young professionals often spend more time at the office than at home. Consequently, there are a lot of single men and women who don`t have the time to meet new people. Naturally, they seek their potential partners within their surrounding environment -- the office.

Single people feel that office is a natural place to meet new people. Since, they can meet up with individuals of similar backgrounds and interests. Relationships with co-workers can be especially tempting because hard work doesn`t leave much time for socializing. Getting into relationships with your colleagues is advantageous since you spend so many hours together at work, you already have an idea of what she`s like. This can save you from lots of headaches in the future, if one thinks of going in for an arranged marriage kind of a thing.

However, office relationships also have their drawbacks. The fact that couples are in constant contact with one another day and night may cause friction within the relationship. Everyone needs their own space to pursue hobbies or hang out with friends, and the lack thereof may cause relationships to self-destruct.

Office relationships may interfere with individuals` abilities to perform their professional duties. There is obvious potential for conflicts of interest between office situations and relationships. Couples have to avoid accusations of favoritism, which may harm the morale of colleagues. Since office relationships are usually keep office relationships a secret, other employees also flirt with the partners or vice-versa. Since, this type of flirting is common the couples have to understand that it happens all the time in the workplace and have no choice but to keep a cool head.

However, there are the following problems in having relationships within your office people. Those situations are given below:

Dating colleagues: Rivalry and competition may harm the relationship. Uncomfortable situations may arise after the breakup when career advancement issues come into play.

Dating Subordinates: False accusations of favoritism may arise, as well as accusations of sexual harassment after the breakup.

Dating Bosses: False accusations of favoritism may arise. You may get FIRED after the breakup.

However, always remember that though inter-office dating is not necessarily illegal, many companies have policies against it. Most companies encourage friendships, so there are many questions that then create problems between the minds of the professionals, they often ask that where`s the line between friendship and dating? And if they start dating someone in the office, whom can they hold this secret from and whom can they tell?

Thus, here are a few preventative guidelines to help develop a successful office romance without falling into any pitfalls or any more complications.

Adhere to the "one year" rule by only gradually letting an office colleague become a friend. Even then, try to keep it a casual, non-intimate friendship.
Be careful if you are new at a job or in an extraordinary situation like a trade show or a conference then if someone seems over-friendly, prying into the intimate details of your personal life then do not let out much information about your personal life.
Test your office colleague with "low risk" trust tests, to see how reliable they are.
You can be friendly in the workplace without jeopardizing your career; but you don`t have to reveal your family secrets to make friends.

Apart from these points, always remember that there are too many big mouths in business today. So, here are four items you should rarely, if ever, share with any colleagues:

Badmouthing or gossip about anyone, especially business associates, clients or customers.

Anything you would not want repeated on the evening news or read about in a newspaper.

The sexual prowess of your romantic partner as well as any former sexual liaisons.

Business topics that are unethical or indiscreet.

Office romances can often be fun, and successful since a growing number of newlyweds are coworkers. They should take the proper steps, however, to ensure that the relationship will last without interfering in their office. Finally, they should also consider the consequences of breaking up with a colleague before beginning the relationship.

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